There are multiple options available for Australian business ​owners through ​which they can sponsor overseas workers. Few options are listed below:

We can assist with visa applications for existing staff and can work out options to retain any worker, who is currently working for you on the above listed visa types. All of the visa’s mentioned above, there is a prerequisite that the employers need to have approval as an “eligible sponsor”.

Therefore, the department will require additional documentation including your financial documentations. We adhere to strict policies around privacy and confidentiality and therefore all documentation and personal information is very well protected under the required guidelines. Once the visa of the employee is approved, the employer needs to follow strict guidelines laid out by DHA (Department of Home Affairs) and are subject to being monitored by DHA.

During this time the department is entitled to visit the site or may ask for an audit and the employer has to abide by the department’s request. This can be challenging for employers to input additional resources with their day to day business operations. Our staff is highly qualified and experienced to guide you through the process and also keep track and can perform internal audits for the employers to assist you through the process and your obligations. This indeed is helpful exercise as it assists you to retain your sponsorship and helps you to renew the sponsorship every time the business needs a worker.